Not only do people today include washrooms in their houses while construction, but they also look for ways to make their washroom look phenomenal!

Whenever a guest visits you, apart from the drawing-room of your house, it is very certain that the guest will visit your washroom too. Thus, your washroom also plays an important role in making a good impression of you in front of your guests. Plus, a good-looking space is what makes you happy, by just being there.

So what is the thing that makes a bathroom look amazing? It can not be a single thing, but a list of things that actually help in making a space look tempting.

The things that contribute towards making a washroom look like the best of the best are as follows:

  • First of all, the washroom should be clean! That’s the first thing anyone wants in a bathroom.
  • It should be spacious and must have an exhaust fan in it.
  • You should pay proper attention to its walls; proper planning should be done on which colors to be used for walls, or the wall tiles should be selected after doing a good inspection.
  • There are some very beautiful, artistically designed, eye-catching sanitary ware available in the market. They are available online as well as in the physical stores. One should do proper research to find the most suitable items for your washroom.
  • Apart from the sanitary ware, you should also look for other washroom accessories, to make your washroom look like the best of the best.
  • Give a modern look to the ceiling of your bathroom

It’s not difficult nowadays, to find your desired products. You do not need to roam here and there in the markets to find the best thing for your house. This is a digital age and now everything has become extremely simple, and easy. You can get a whole lot of furniture from your home, delivered at your doorsteps, while you do not need to go anywhere.

Some items available in the market that can make your washroom look exceptionally best are as follows:

Aquieen 36″ X 4″ (AISI 304) Shower Water Drainer Floor Bathroom Grating With Anti-Foul Cockroach Trap (Silver) (Center-Hole)

  • The current price of this product is ₹3,800
  • It is a durable item. It will not corrode and will not lose its luster easily.
  • Available in different sizes- 12″, 18″, 24″ 30″ and 36″.
  • Made in India

Jaamso Royals Blue Tiles Self-Adhesive Waterproof Wallpaper

  • Current price of this product is ₹999 for a piece of 45 cm × 1000 cm
  • Covers 50 sq ft area
  • Available on Myntra
  • Removable and Durable

Modern Bath Set

  • Current price of this product is ₹2,890
  • Available in Blue, Pink and White colours.
  • Material- Ceramic
  • Dimensions-

Dispenser – 7.5cm W x 18cm H, 380ml capacity

Tumbler – 7.5cm diameter x 11cm H, 380ml capacity

Toothbrush Holder – 7.5cm diameter x 11cm H

Soap Dish – 13cm diameter x 3cm H

  • Available on Nestasia

Plantex Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf 2 Tier Bathroom Shelf/Rack with Towel Holder/Towel Hooks/Bathroom Accessories Wall-Mount ( Nickel Finish) Set of 1

  • Available on Amazon
  • Current price of the product is ₹949
  • Multi-functional product
  • Product dimensions- 12.5D x 12.5W x 40H cm
  • Finish Type: Chrome, Nickel
  • Material used: Stainless Steel
  • Made in India

Plantex Antique Aluminum Double Tier Corner/Bathroom and Kitchen(Antique Finish)

  • Current price of the product is ₹1,804
  • Product dimensions- 24D x 43W x 8H cm
  • Available on Amazon
  • Material used- Aluminium
  • Resists scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing

INBADE Designer premium quality wash basin – Rectangular Shape – Size L450 × W400 × H145 MM, Glossy, Full Silver Finished, Ceramic Table Top, counter top Top Mount (Silver)

  • Current price of this product is ₹7,199
  • Finish- Glossy
  • Can be installed on a table, glass, tiles slab, wooden, granite or any solid surface.
  • Material used- Premium quality glazed ceramic
  • Weight- 6.8 kg
  • Available on Flipkart

3G Decor Wash Basin Glass Tap Mixer Chrome Finishing Hot and Cold Mixer, Single Lever, Waterfall

  • Current price of this product is ₹1,800
  • Material used- Stainless steel, Brass
  • Finish Type- Chrome
  • Available on Amazon
  • Made in India
  • Product dimensions- 10 x 25.4 x 30.48 cm

Table Top Premium Designer Ceramic Wash Basin/Vessel Sink for Bathroom 16 x 16 x 6 Inch (Gold)

  • Current price of this product is ₹5,017
  • Material used- Ceramic
  • Finish Type- Polished
  • Product Dimensions- 43 x 43 x 17 cm
  • Available on Amazon
  • Made in India
  • Weight- 7 kg

Practical Toilet Storage Shelf And Commode Cabinet

  • Current price of this product is ₹7,995
  • Available on Peelorange’s online store.
  • Has high customer rating
  • Multi- purpose cabinet with modern look

Bherunath (WC) Black Wall Mounted Water Closet ( Commode ) With Soft Closet Seat Cover Western Commode (Black)

  • Current price of the product is ₹9,190
  • Product dimensions- 53 x 35 x 37 cm
  • Material used- Ceramic
  • Weight- 569 gm
  • Available on- Amazon
  • Uses less quantity of water for flushing

InArt Ceramic Commode Wall Mount/Wall Hung Western Toilet/Commode/Water Closet/EWC/WC/European Commode for Bathrooms P Trap Outlet is from Wall with Soft Close Seat Cover Oval (Golden Color Pattern)

  • Available on Amazon
  • Product is currently priced at ₹34,999
  • Product dimensions- 56 x 38 x 36 cm
  • Material used- Ceramic
  • Seat Material- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Flora Connect Sun Wire Glow – LED Mirror – Warm White Light – Rectangular

  • The current price of the product is ₹8,301.60
  • Available on FlairGlass’s online store.


We have researched to find some of the best items available in the online market, for your washrooms. All of these items are unique as well as beautiful. You can choose one according to your taste and preferences. You can order them through online stores and get them delivered at your home.