Faucets are an integral part of bathroom fittings as no work is possible without them. Whether you need to perform any house chore activity or need to take a bath, they are used in many activities.

Earlier, there was a period when people did not give much attention to bathroom fittings but these days, the tables have turned. We can take the example of faucets.

There are multitudinous brands in the market giving some extremely modish as well as brilliantly performing pieces of taps and faucets. The variations are so much that even the customers are confused about which one to pick.

Before spending money on a faucet, one should keep the following points in mind-

  • It should be of supreme quality.
  • It should be of a renowned brand.
  • It should be cheap and budget-friendly.
  • It should look classy and should be durable.

That is why we are here to assist you as well as give you the right guidance by giving you a list of the top 10 best faucet brands in India 2021.


  • Kohler Faucet
  • Jaguar Faucet
  • Cera Faucet
  • Hindware Faucet
  • Alton Faucet
  • Aquieen Faucet
  • SBD Faucet
  • Parryware Faucet
  • Prestige Faucet
  • Asian Paints Faucet


Kohler is a renowned brand for sanitary ware. Kohler has set the bar so high that no other brand can stand along with it. Kohler provides its products made with ultra-modern technology. Its faucets are known for their longevity. The price range presented by them is very nice. You can get cheap as well as costly artworks in their offerings, so that people belonging to each and every group can afford their products.

They come with some unavoidable features-

  1. Colorful designs.
  2. Endless longevity.
  3. Variations in faucets.
  4. Use of advanced technology.


Jaguar is an international brand that has never disappointed its customers as it has been rendering its services for the past 50 years. The variety of inventive faucets presented by them is completely different from all the other brands. Jaguar contains environment-friendly faucets that are designed in such a way that helps in saving water. Let’s go through some of its astonishing features-

  • Decent designing
  • Environment friendly
  • Long-lasting and extremely reliable
  • Price ranges from Rs. 720 to Rs. 4999


Cera is a very well-known brand delivering amazing products since 1980. They have successfully managed to make a good reputation in the market with their extremely voguish and reasonable faucets. They also offer environmentally friendly products as they use innovative technology that helps in saving water. Their features are mentioned below-

  • Creative and inventive patterns of faucets.
  • Eco-Friendly products.
  • Price ranging from Rs. 525 to Rs. 29,028
  • Supreme quality with brilliant variation in features.


Hindware is a top-selling brand in the field of Bathroom Fittings. Hindware has been delivering top-notch products since 1969 and has been the most reliable brand among the general population. Hindware presents some magnificent faucets as they have an amazing variety of faucets made of stainless steel, chrome finishing, sensor-based, etc. Their features to have a brilliant variation –

  • Comes with foam flow technology.
  • Appealing designs.
  • Environment friendly faucets.
  • Maintains longevity with robotic electroplating.
  • Ranging of price varies from Rs. 899 to Rs. 8999.


Alton is a very prominent brand in the field of sanitary fittings. The range of faucets that it brings is extremely inexpensive and gives a very stylish look to the bathroom. Its faucets have a great variety consisting of stainless steel, chrome finish faucets, etc. The pattern of faucets is such that it works smoothly with its drip-free ceramic disk cartridges. Its features are-

  • Ceramic cartridges with drip-free smooth functioning.
  • Extremely long-lasting.
  • Reasonable price ranging from Rs. 562 to Rs.14999.


Aquieen has successfully managed to maintain its 6th position as the range of faucets that it avails is extremely inexpensive and can easily be purchased by a common man. For everlasting durability, it comes with electroplating.


  • Never-ending longevity.
  • Delicate movement technology.
  • Great range of variety.


SBD Faucets are known for their inexpensive and budget-friendly range that supports the population coming under the middle-income group. The faucets consist of stainless steel, brass, etc.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Comes in chrome finishing.
  • Suitable for the middle-income groups.


Parryware is among the leading brands when it comes to faucets as it is very popular for its bathroom fittings and sanitary ware especially faucets. Parryware works jointly with Roco groups from Spain. Parryware has never compromised with its quality and hence has been the most trustworthy brand among the customers.


  • Inventive designs.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Makes use of modern technologies


Like the name suggests, prestige has successfully developed its prestige in the market of faucets as it offers some very cheap faucets which are environment friendly as well. Faucets provided by them are created keeping in mind the Indian population.


  • Inbuilt with mirror look technology.
  • Great variety of faucets.
  • Appealing patterns.


As from the name, many people assume that Asian paints only belong to the paints but very less people know that they have a great variety of sanitary fittings too especially the faucets. Their range of faucets is extremely budget-friendly with some breathtaking designs of faucets.


  • Highly durable with electroplating technology.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Chrome finishing products.


Having a brief knowledge about the top 10 faucet brands available in India 2021, it can now be clearly said that all the brands i.e Kohler, Jaguar, Cera, Hindware, Alton, Aquieen, SBD, Parryware, Prestige, Asian paints are unique in their own way and while purchasing any of them, the features mentioned above should be taken into consideration.

These faucets are available in a number of online stores. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. can be explored for purchasing faucets as they come with great discounts as well